Brief historical review of the Education Section:
With the Constitution of 1870, the National Archive of Asunción became part of the Ministry of the Interior, which in turn depended on the Executive Power.
During the Government of Emilio Aceval, the law of April 25, 1901 was enacted, by which the General Directorate of the National Library, Museum and Archive was founded. Since then, the National Archive has come under the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice, Worship is Public Instruction, this is how the National Archive, over the years, was safeguarding more than 956 volumes, corresponding to the old archive of the Ministry of Justice, Worship and Public Instruction, it contains administrative files, reports from public prisons, complaints, laws, among other issues concerning the Ministry of the Interior.
In another subfund we have the National Education Council, it contains; notes, creation of schools, student payroll, teacher fees, refraction requests, resignations and appointments, among many other issues, concerning Paraguayan Education, they date from the late nineteenth century to the middle of the twentieth century. What makes this section interesting is the merger of documents that we found between the Ministry of Justice and Public Instruction.